Automatic transport

Automatic Transport Systems

Even the foundry industry, like many other industrial realities, in order to maintain the levels of competitiveness required by the market, must necessarily deal with the modernization that allows it to raise the level of productivity, quality and safety.

For this reason, for over 10 years Progelta has introduced systems for the automatic movement of ladles in the foundry world, precisely with a view to automating those operations with a strong human component that can compromise the reliability and timing of the process.

At the same time the replacement of the ladle handling originally with a forklift or overhead crane has made it possible to make the foundry environment safer and to keep processes monitored.

Today's modern technology offers many excellent possibilities to be able to carry out projects capable of guaranteeing:




Respect for the environment

High productivity

The automatic transport systems have a strong customization component due to the plant situation and the typical infrastructures of each individual production reality.

Progelta is able to analyze the existing situation and formulate a feasibility hypothesis accompanied by a budget statement necessary to evaluate the consistency of the investment, which, if positive, is followed by a detailed analysis.