Progelta’s Furnace charging system and alloy dosing system

With today’s technology and advancement, melting furnaces have shorter melting times and higher productivity. For this reason it is important to combine an automatic charging preparation system able to serve the melting process more efficiently.

The loading systems proposed by Progelta are designed and manufactured to perform the loading process in the furnace quickly and accurately, both ferrous material and ferroalloy components.

Thanks to modern computer technologies and artificial intelligence, it is possible to interface with the base analysis of materials and interface with raw material testing systems (spectrometer) to self-calculate the correct quantities of materials in order to obtain the required cast iron analysis.

Furthermore, a tracking and recording system of the historical charges performed is integrated in order to obtain process reports.

Thanks to Progelta’s engineering experience, we are able to create projects with a high degree of customization, to meet the different needs and existing realities.