Suitable for grey iron, holding and pouring on automatic molder lines.

The furnace is equipped with a high efficiency channel inductor, normal frequency (50-60 Hz), dimensioned to bring high economic advantages in the process.
Technical data:
Channel inductor
Coil: Bi-phase power – High Efficiency
Rated power: GH5=200 kW and GH10=320 kW (7 rating power step)
Total capacity
GH5 = 7 ton, GH10 = 12 ton
Useful capacity
GH5 = 5 ton, GH10 = 10 ton
Pressurization system
by air or nitrogen
Charging channel lid
with pneumatic cylinder
Inlet siphon and outlet siphon
w/flange – interchangeable
by hydraulic (emptying 100% of molten metal)
Furnace longitudinal movement stroke
1000 mm (or different on request)
Furnace transversal movement stroke
600 mm (or different on request)
Power supply
3 x 400 Vac -50-60 Hz
Power efficiency
Line Power factor
≥ 0,99
Cooling device
forced air by fan
(no water needed)
Weighing system accuracy
± 5Kg
Pouring type
intermittent (up to 560 molds/h)
Nominal iron flow
5 ÷ 15 ton/h
Pouring temperature
1320 ÷ 1450°C
In stream Inoculation (option)
0,05 ÷ 0,20 %

BASE STRUCTURE equipped with rails, steel electro-welded. The structure (forms and dimensions) will be adapted following the lay-out of the foundry.

BASE FRAMES that accommodate and support the furnace body. The base frames permits the movement longitudinal, transversal and the furnace tilting for emptying operations.

Furnace body (Vessel)

Strong holding framework, made of sheets and profiles of steel, electric welded.

Upper lid, thermal insulated, complete of inlet fittings for pressurized gas.

Inspection Lid, on top.

Inlet siphons, interchangeable, for the liquid iron filling up, complete with cover and pneumatic cylinder.

Pouring channel, interchangeable, metallic frame, with connection flange.

SET Lining forms for the refractory maintenance.


Induction coil, consisting of COPPER coil, full profile, air cooled and insulated against high temperatures.

Magnetic nucleus, 3 form, with accessory.

Steel housing structure.

Double Air Cooling system, consisting of two fans, connections cables and accessories. (one working, one spare).

Air flow checking device.

Iron ring for refractory lining (to lost with first start).

Service platform and access stairs
This platform will permits the access from floor level to the furnace top. The platform will be extended all around the furnace to permits slagging operations, iron sampling, refractory repairs, etc."
Pressure control unit
Complete with the devices for pressure adjustments in order to perform the channel iron level adjustment. The level is controlled by laser or RF transducer and security electrodes.
The pressure control panel is predisposed for two circuits separated to operate with compressed air or nitrogen.
Weighing system
With four load cells and accessory, directly assembled on the wheels pivots.
The guaranteed accuracy will be not less than ± 5Kg.
Furnace power control cabinet

Main circuit breaker, automatic type, complete of thermal and magnetic relay.

Seven different power step contactors (from 120 to 525 V).

Mobile capacitor for equilibrate the three-phase power line.

Mobile capacitor for Cosfi adjustments.

Electronic safety, protection, regulation and control circuits.

PLC for control and interface.

Displays of all electrical values

Continuous storage of all operating parameters.

Pouring control pulpit
With all the controls to drive the work cycle both automatically and manually. All service signals and any alarms are displayed.
"Psd" – Stopper control device
Lifting of pouring rod is activated through one electric brush-less type motor. The “Brushless” system driving the pouring stopper is granting a safe and quick reaction in the stopper rod driving, assuring high precision in the cast iron pouring rate control, avoiding metal over flow outside the mould/flask main gate. Replacement of the pouring stopper rod is very easily and quickly operated.

The maximum stroke of the system is 450mm; in the normal operating mode (Production) the stroke is limited to 100 mm. The stopper will be lift of 450mm for maintenance operation as well as stopper change , channel cleaning, etc. (not in production).

The pouring stopper rod control can be automatically operated with Auto Teach modality. It is also possible to use the manual modality to control of the stopper rod. This condition is mainly used for the set-up and for the coupling Bush-Stopper adaptation.

Option 1
"PIC" – Digital camera for automatic pouring control
Digital Pouring Camera control for a perfect automatic mould filling.
The PIC digital camera is a device that directly commands the stopper and pilot his opening/closing in order to have a better pouring, without risk of empty flask or slow pouring or over filling of the sprue cup.
Each camera is installed in a special enclosure, designed by Progelta equipped with VORTEX cooler device and thermocouple for temperature monitoring.
Option 2
In-stream inoculation device
The unit “DAI System P7-10” allows the automatic distribution of inoculant in the flow of iron immediately before the entry in the form. In this way is assured the maximum effect of inoculation, because it eliminates the fading and ensure uniformity of treatment, thereby increase the metallurgical grade by reducing the costs of the process.
Option 3
Temperature measurement and management
The furnace can be equipped with an optical pyrometer that will measure the in-stream molten iron temperature during the pouring.
Option 4
Burner for spouts pre-heating
The burner allows the preheating of the pouring spouts as well as the heating of stoppers and nozzles.
It shall also ensure the maintenance of temperature during the breaks of production.