In stream feeders

Progelta manufacture a wide range of Inoculant feeders in order to run your process safely and efficiently.

As well as standard dosing equipment below presented, we have the capability to design and supply bespoke systems to meet your needs.

Our process experience and knowledge combines with the latest control and automation to get a fully automated control system for the best process automation.

Fully automated accurate screw dosing device, suitable for large amounts of applications
Double inoculation unit with two integrated screws and separate hoppers in order to dose two inoculant types.
High accuracy screw dosing unit, with integrated weighing system for auto calibration and auto adjusting to guarantee every time the highest accuracy.
Dosing weighers equipment designed for dispensing a pre-weighed amount of inoculant powder into the pouring batch.
The P3 equipment is a volumetric dosing system suitable for bigger grain size (2-6mm). Simple and sturdy equipment that guarantee that meet your process needs

P7-Manager is a PC Application program that permits to monitor and set all parameters about your inoculant feeder.

P7-Manager works with an integrate SQL database and permits to record all the data about your equipment in order to set a “process traceability“ of your production.

The in-built WEB-REPORT function give you the possibility to extract all needed data from the database by using a common web browser, by using the most commons filtering rules.

P7-Manager is available for all range of Progelta feeders.

Main Fetaures:

Production monitoring

Production monitoring

Alarms history

Parameter settings

Recording of production history

Reporting of production history

ERP-MRP interface capability

The DAI SYSTEM P7-P16 is a high accuracy screw dosing unit, with integrated weighing system for auto calibration and auto adjusting to guarantee every time the highest accuracy.

Two screws conveyor and combined with a weighing scale dispense the inoculant with high precision controlling the dosing amount and performing an auto correction in case of deviation.

Technical Characteristics:

Stainless steel construction for long life duration

Integrated Weighing scale

Auto calibration function

Auto flow/rate correction

Grain size accepted: 0,1-0,7 mm

Capacity range 0,1-30 g/s **

Injection pressure adjusting by remote

Clogged pipe checking

Ethernet interface with peripheral systems

integrated air cooling system

Storage hopper capacity: 30 litres

Power supply: 230Vac - 0,5kW

Air supply: 4-6 Bar

** Contact Progelta for different capacity needs

Inoculation unit single hopper
Inoculation unit with two hoppers for using with two different materials
P7 Manager - Supervisor
Software application
In stream Inoculation inspection

Besides the enormous advantages that the instream inoculation gives to the foundry process, the necessity to verify the correct application is a fact. There are many factors can effect negatively the good inoculation, for example the powder flow can be deviate from its orienting by some iron splash sticked on the outlet of the inject pipe or simply the non correct orienting of the pipe in the iron stream.

The VISINOC equipment is a modern and technological advanced device that check and evaluate the effective presence of inoculant powder in the pouring stream. The working principle is based on a digital camera and an evaluation software that check the presence of inoculant grains on the stream evaluating its consistency

This device will permits you to have full guaranty  that your pouring stream has been correctness inoculated. As the Visinoc system is basically a software PC based application working with a SQL database, it’s possible to trace the production by recording each pouring data within a series of pictures certificating the good inoculation of each pouring.

The VISINOC It’s a independent device that can be applied to Progelta feeder series as well as to any other brand feeders that the customers are already running.