The TWIN INOCULATION INSTREAM DAI SYSTEM P8-12 has been designed to perform the dosage of the inoculating agent with precision and reliability, directly into the pouring flow.

The high efficiency level of the P8-12 concurs to eliminate the fading of inoculating agent increasing the quality of your production.

P8-12 is able to operate the inoculation using two different materials. Each material can be used at single time. The selection of the material to use is made remotely by the operator interface.


• Stainless Steel insulated case
• Resistant and trustworthy components
• Easy use
• Designed to always develop a constant and uniform inoculation process


• Standard PLC interface (Siemens, A&B, others upon request)
• One only connection cable between the unit and the control panel
• Accuracy of feed-screw rotation speed control
• Infrared synchronization with the pouring system
• Air pressure presence control
• Very precise Pipe clogged detection system
• IRD alignment injection tube control
• Integrated PRE-INOCULATION function


Weight 35 kg
Power supply 24 V dc **
Air pressure 4÷6 bar
Injection pipe diameter 16mm/25mm
Injection pipe slope 30° or 45°
Max ambient temp. 50° C
Hopper volume 30 lt / 57 lt
Inoculation range* 0,5÷36 g/s*
Inoculant granulometry 0,1÷0,7 mm
Main Power supply 220/380 V 50 Hz
Auxiliar 24 V DC
PLC with dedicated I/O board
Electrical relay interface
Terminal strip for the connections

* Different inoculation ranges depend on screw type.
** From control unit.


• Unit controlled by PLC
• Customizable software to satisfy all customer requirements
• Designed to work with all kinds of inoculant powder actually availables (granulometry from 0,1 mm to 0,7 mm and more)
• Programmable inoculation parameters in g/s or in % of the mould weight
• Double sieving, one for each material
• Alarms and full diagnostic management to avoid any issue related to bad inoculation
• Electro pneumatic pressure regulator: the thrust pressure is adjustable remotely by typing on HMI screen operator panel (no need adjust on hotbox side)
• Continue temperature monitoring and preset alarm (by using a thermocouple sensor)



The compact dimensions of the inoculation unit allow to facilitate its transport, its installation and all the maintenance operations.


• Customizable multi-language software
• Operator panel with touch-screen display
• Capacity visualization and capacity setting
• Dosage Auto-Calibration
• Pressure controls
• Diagnosis system for all the trouble circumstances
• RS232 connection
• Possibility to store all the production data into a dedicated database
• Integrated Remote assistance function