The “P7 10S” equipment allows automatic dispensing of the inoculant material into the pouring stream just before it enters the mold.

In this way the maximum effect of the inoculation is assured, since fading is avoided and uniformity of treatment is ensured.

Pouring stream inoculation enhances the casting quality and reduces process costs.


Repeatability +/- 2% (typical)
Stainless steel case and hopper containing the inoculant approx. 30 kg standard capacity (with minimum level detection sensor)
Display and settings directly in flow rate “gr/sec” format
Calibration procedure easy
Calibration curves according to the specific material
Calibration curve can be stored and recalled three
Electro pneumatic pressure regulator the thrust pressure is adjustable by the HMI operator panel (no need adjust on hotbox side)
Feed pipe Interchangeable
Clogged pipe checking by very reliable and pressure control system
Ethernet interface with peripheral systems standard for Siemens and A&B PLC, optional with other PLC brand
Temperature monitoring Continue with preset alarm. (by using a thermocouple sensor)
Adjustable capacity from 0,1 to 30 gr./sec (exactly range depends on screw type).

*Different dosing ranges can be done upon customer request

Outflow pipe alignment control by infra-red sensor (IRD-05 sensor),optional.


The equipment is PLC controlled with the possibility of adapting the control program to the Client specific needs.

The “screw-type” dosing system permits the use of various types of inoculating materials in a wide range of densities and sizing. The operator can set the quantity delivered
directly in gr./sec.

Because of the excellent thermal insulation, the dosing unit can be installed close to the pouring unit.