Adjustable feeding flow/rate 0,1 to 100 g/s (different screws)
Precision on dosing better than +/- 2% max 3g.
Repeatability High
Calibration Automatic
Error adjusting on flow/rate setting Automatic
Thrust pressure remotely controlled by electro pneumatic proportional valve
Cooling system Integrated, controlled by continuous temperature monitoring
Pipe clogged Automatic checking system

The P7-P16 equipment is designed for dispensing the inoculant powder into the pouring stream with high accuracy in terms of weight and dosing time in order to permits a high level quality and process control.

The base concept of P7-P16 is to feed only the exact amount of inoculant requested in a preset time.

Two screws conveyor and a electronic weighing scale prepares the inoculant batch and then dispense it with high precision.