The PIC device basically consists of a digital camera that thanks to a particular software developed by Progelta permits the control of the stopper mechanism “PSD” in order to regulate better the liquid metal stream and optimize the mould filling.

Using the PIC system guarantees a perfect mould filling in automatic mode, with the advantage of a repetitive and well controlled process, keeping the operator free to focus on process monitors.

The system satisfies the main conditions for ideal pouring, that we report on:

a. Rapid filling of sprue cup
b. Sprue cup full during the filling time
c. Good final level of sprue cup to end of pouring
d. Reduced sprue cup dimension (volume of metal)
e. Automatic sprue cup centering (optional)

The PIC software works on specific parameters related to each pattern.

The camera controls a specific area designed by the operator that delimit the sprue cup, sending the analysis results to the PLC controlling the stopper rod mechanism in order to regulate the filling.

The movement of the PSD stopper-rod is held by a brushless electric motor, which ensures high speed dynamic response and precise positioning.

The PSD can lift up to 500MM; this helps the maintenance operations by allowing rotation out of the pouring spout, freeing the entire area and allowing easier access for the nozzle change.


– brushless actuator for fast and precise movement
– easy stopper-nozzle alignment system
– quick stopper rod installation
– integrated twist system for cleaning nozzle-stopper contact surface
– integrated nozzle cleaning system
– integrated cooling system
– can be lifted up to 500mm and rotate >180° to exit the pouring channel