The PROGELTA “PWT” is the most advanced system for the using of cored wire treatment technique for desulphurizing, spheroidizing and inoculating the molten cast iron contained in the ladle. The installation, controlled by computer, allows the greatest reliability and flexibility of the process, thanks to the possibility to set and control the most relevant parameters of the process.

The treatment station is mainly suggested for the production of nodular or vermicular cast iron, by means of an automatic process, where inoculants are optimized on the base of the statistic elaboration of the obtained results.

The configuration of the treatment chamber and the particular ladle geometry allow the improvement of operative efficiency and environmental conditions, guaranteeing the right economical results.


Weight 165 kg c.a.
Power supply 230/400Vac 50/60Hz
Min cored wire diameter PWF/1 = 3 mm – PWF/10 = 6 mm
Min cored wire diameter PWF/1 = 13 mm – PWF/10 = 20 mm
Max Operating ambient temp. 50°C
Injection Speed range PWF/1 = 0,2÷10 m/m
PWF/10 = 0,6÷60 m/m


  • Possibility to make treatment from 150 to 15000 Kg.
  • No restriction about treatment position that can be in the nearby of the pouring zone in order to limit the Mg fading.
  • The base iron can have Sulphur up to 0.15%.
  • Strictly cored wire addition that can be calculated automatically for each single treatment in function of the process parameters. (weight, temperature, S, etc..).
  • No steel covering necessity.
    Possibility to certificate the cored wire addition.
  • Strictly control of the Mg contents, trough the possibility to connect the PWT system to the spectrometer in order to automatically set the wire addition.
  • Clean iron.
  • Environment respect, thanks to the possibility to have a very efficient suction.
  • The Mg treatment and the FeSi inoculation can be done in the same ladle, in two
    separate and sequential phases.
  • Less ladle maintenance.


The machine consists of a motorized single track able to feeding one cored wire individually.

The PWF10 is equipped with an auto adaptable pneumatic pinch rolls system, that guarantee a perfect grip for a high reliable feeding.

Iniettore PWF1 - PWF10


When the in-stream inoculation is not sufficient, could be useful the using of cored wire into the pouring vessel.

The “PWI” feeder system, permits the iron inoculation during the pouring process by a strictly feeding of the wire into the pouring spout of the press-pour furnace in order to prepare the metal for the pouring.