1. Gear for horizontal traslation
  2. Swivel bearing for rotation
  3. Interchangeable ladle with mobile lid
  4. Motorized ladle tilt
  5. Weighing system
  6. Motorized orthogonal movement
  7. On board electric equipment
  8. Fastoon cable for power supply
  9. Wireless communication with control centre
  10. Wireless radio command

The ROBOPOUR (Robotizer Automatic Pourin System ) is suitable for the automatic pouring of Ferrous and no ferrous metals, ductile and gay iron castings, shell moulding applications, water cooled shell applications, green send moulding applications.

The system consists of a manipulator installed on a rack monorail, able to synchronize on the moulding boxes movements (intermittent, continuous and carousel lines).

It is equipped with a horizontal plane rotation system, a transversal translation and a casting ladle tilting system.

Ladle always weighed and equipped with a mobile lid. The ladle is easily interchangeable.

On board electric equipment and fastoon cable for power supply. Wireless communication with control centre, and Wireless radio command.

PIC control for automatic filling.

Option: ROBOPOUR can have a in-stream inoculation on board.

The advantages of the ROBOPOUR system are countless:

    • simpler, less expensive, easier to manage and more secure and reliable than a system made with traditional generic robots
    • Easy filling of the casting ladle with multiple origins (ladle carried by overhead crane, pressure furnace or ladle, etc.)
    • Minimal oxidation of the metal during the casting phase due to the constant presence of the mobile cover
    • Constant weighing of the ladle
    • Possible inoculation in the flow on board
    • Easy interchangeability of the ladle and consequent easy maintenance
    • Easy adaptability of the vision system for casting control
    • “Customized” control software
    • Remote PROGELTA assistance