The Visinoc system automatically checks for a proper inoculation process using inspection technology with a CCD camera.

During normal production, many factors can negatively affect the dispensing of powder inoculation into the pouring stream.
The following settings must be constantly verified to guarantee that inoculation has been correctly carried out:

  • Correct inoculant dosage weight.
  • Correct synchronization of the inoculation dispensed with the liquid metal flow into the mould.
  • Correct alignment of the inoculant flow to the metal.
  • Correct inoculation flow rate into the stream.

The operator controlling the pouring process can check for proper operation, but this does not verify the reliability required of the inoculation process in use.
The Progelta range of In-Stream Inoculation Units are market leaders in inoculation applications.  In addition their systems permit monitoring and controlling with ViSINOC integrated into the PLC to ensure and prove operational quality and reliability.
The equipment is PLC controlled with the possibility to adapt the control program to the customer’s specific needs.  Moreover the vision system ViSINOC is managed with practical diagnostic software with graphic pages and easy operation.

Metal Pouring Stream Monitor:  Visinoc detects the presence of the metal being poured into the mould and signals the image to Visinoc Control.  The pouring of the metal is visually displayed on the screen at the control panel.
The monitoring assures the operator that the pouring into the mould is continuous.