Progelta was founded in 1978, initially to supply electronic automation equipment.

From the beginning, our drive to meet customer process and handling needs created a successsful expansion into the mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic fields as well as information technology to augment the development of our applications software.

Progelta focuses also on her position in the global marketplace to combine her experience gained in the field with continuous developments to update our information technologies and offer valuable expertise to both small organisations and large industrial groups.

Maximum emphasis is given to the development of software for the automation of production processes, monitoring, data collection and storage, process certification and interfacing with the customer’s IT systems.


Progelta ensures the proper supply and installation of her equipment and systems into the customer’s production process and guarantees assistance to achieve successful integration.

Our operative areas have continuously expanded into many countries from 1978 to the present; our organization is able to supply, install and service our installations all over the world.



Under our PROWIRE brand we also offer metallurgical products (additives, inoculants, spheroidising materials, cored wires for spheroidising and inoculation, etc.)

Our subsidiary PROGELTA FRANCE sarl is a supplier of our equipment and technology and in addition provides metallurgical and process consultation to countries around the world.