LS is an automatic pouring system specifically designed for simplify all your pouring requirements.


Progelta manufacture a wide range of Inoculant Feeders in order to run your process safely and efficiently.
Our process experience and knowledge combines with the latest control and automation to get a fully automated control system for the best process automation.


The P7-22 is our last technologically advanced in-stream unit. This in-stream unit integrates a feedback system by weighing scale for auto calibration and auto adjusting.


PIC device is an equipment based on a digital camera working with a special software developed by Progelta that perform the control of the Progelta pouring stopper rod (PSD) in order to perform the optimization of the mould filling.


The cored wire technology, and in special mode the PWT Progelta treatment stations, thanks to the possibility to have a fully automatic computerized equipment allow to monitor, track and optimize the process.


The VISINOC equipment is a modern and technological advanced device that check and evaluate the effective presence of inoculant powder in the pouring stream.


JETINOC: Equipment designed to inject granular FeSi or other additives into the liquid iron during the tapping operation or while transferring the liquid metal into the pouring system.


JETFIX is an apparatus operated by compressed air which facilitates the distribution of slag-removal powder.