Inoculation & treatment alloys dosing systems

Pouring iron handling & pre-heating


Innovative solutions to improve the production process.

The company is now targeting a global market and, by combining the experience gained in the field and continuous updating in information technology, it offers valuable professionalism for both small organizations and large industrial groups.

Our installations meet high quality standards.

PROGELTA creations are carried out almost exclusively on order, therefore each single plant is unique in terms of design and execution, suitable for the specific needs of the customer.

We ensure and guarantee maximum assistance.

The area of operation has constantly expanded, from 1978 to today, in numerous countries and the organization is such as to be able to carry out the construction of plants in practically all countries of the world.

The remote assistance service is always available for all systems connected to the network.

Proud of our cycling team

We are proud sponsors of the amateur cycling team Panther Boys Padova.
Active nationally and internationally since 1992 in track cycling, mountain biking, and BMX, it reflects our commitment to excellence

collaborato con

Progelta is an active partner of the project: ITS DIGITAL ACADEMY «MARIO VOLPATO»
for Technological Area 6 - Information and communication technologies