Robotized Automatic Pouring System suitable for:

Non-ferrous metals

Ductile and Grey Iron castings


Shell molding: DIE Casting – hot box - cold box

Green sand moulding: vertical – Horizontal

All sizes of ROBOPOUR where possible can be customize dimensions and characteristics:

Pouring ladle capacityRobopour A 100-250 kg Robopour B 200-500 kg Robopour C 600-1000 kg
Casting weight1-25 kg 25-50 kg 50-100 kg
Pouring speed1-5 kg/sec 2-8 kg/sec 5-10 kg/sec
Precision± 1 kg ± 2 kg ± 3 kg
In Stream inoculationOn request On request On request
Pouring temperature1300-1450 °C 1300-1450 °C 1300-1450 °C
Temperature losing *2-5 °C/minute 1-3 °C/minute 1-2 °C/minute
Mg fading0.005 % / 15 min. 0.004 % / 15 min. 0.003 % / 15 min.
Cycle cadence200-300 /h 150-250 /h 100-200 /h
Molding systemTo be define To be define To be define
Robopour Performance

Gearmotor for horizontal movement

Motorised orthogonal movement

Swivel bearing for rotation

Interchangeable ladle

Weighing system

Motorised ladle tilting

On-board control panel

Festoon cable for power supply

Wireless communication with control centre

Automatic Alignment


ROBOPOUR can be installed on round carousel systems with continuous or intermittent movement


Automatic synchronisation with the sprue-cup to be filled


Digital cameras on board identify and verify the sprue-cup position & fill level


Robopour moves on 4 interpolated axes with brushless motor control 


On-board weighing system to monitor metal quantity and coordinate supply (call for iron)

Operation is configured and controlled by PLC, record management through PC installed with Robopour Manager software package developed by Progelta