Nodular & vermicular iron by cored wire process

The injection of Mg cored wire is the last modern treatment method, today well established that can be used on every foundry production.

The cored wire technology, and in special mode the PWT  Progelta treatment stations, thanks to the possibility to have a fully automatic computerized equipment allow to monitor, track and optimize the process.

Progelta since 1984 produce their own PWF Wire feeders and study and design special custom treatment cabin in order to permits their customers to better advantage from the modern process of Cored Wire.

The PWT systems will improve your process on operative efficiency and environmental conditions, guaranteeing the right economical results.

Advantages of the cored wire technology
  • Better homogeneity of the bath
  • Exact control of Mg introduction, calculated on exact amount of iron
  • Improvement of environment respect, thanks to the possibility to have a very efficient suction.
  • Possibility to desulphurize
  • Better stabilization of Mg contents, trough the possibility to connect the PWT system to the spectrometer in order to automatically set the wire addition.
  • Ladle maintenance reduction.
PWF - Wire Feeder Technical Data
Progelta The PWF feeder is a single track unit very sturdy, suitable for the strong environment as the foundry is, in order to guarantee the best reliability on the process.

The PWF10 is equipped with an auto adaptable pneumatic pinch rolls system, that guarantee a perfect grip for a high reliable feeding.

165 kg c.a.
Max cored wire diameter
20 mm
Power Supply
230/400Vac - 50/60Hz
Working speed Pwf
0÷60 m/min
Min cored wire diameter
6 mm
Feeding accuracy
10 cm
Wire Inoculation System "PWI"
When the in-stream inoculation is not sufficient, could be useful the using of cored wire into the pouring vessel.
The “PWI” feeder system, permits the iron inoculation during the pouring process by a strictly feeding of the wire into the pouring spout of the press-pour furnace in order to prepare the metal for the pouring.

This equipment, based on a PWF Progelta feeder, will permit to have a full automated inoculation wire feeding process.

Technical characteristics:

Usable wires: Ø 3 ÷ 13 mm

Adjustable speed: 0,2 ÷ 10 m/min

Injection control: ± 1 cm resolution.

Possibility of interconnection with automatic pouring systems