Lap system

LAP SYSTEM is an automatic pouring equipment specifically conceived for nodular cast iron.

It basically consists on an unheated pressure ladle, a stopper device for the flow adjustement, a control device with a PC / PLC supervision.

The equipment is suitable to pour on horizontal and vertical moulding lines. Its configuration can be arranged depending on customer requirements, it is always equipped with the in-stream inoculation system and, upon request, with the PIC vision system for the moulding boxes filling control and with a “Skip” for the LAP SYSTEM cast iron supply.

Possible Options:

Personal Computer with SCADA dedicated software

PIC camera pouring control

In-stream inoculation by means of DAI System P7 dosing unit

Optic pyrometer

Preheating gas burner

LAN connection

Skip for the automatic iron supply

Competitive advantages
  • Ladle useful capacities: 2500÷6000 kg
  • Refractory thickness: 180÷240 mm
  • Longitudinal traslation : with motoreducer (troke upon requirement) 
  • Orthogonal traslation: 600 mm (different if required)
  • Automatic Pouring Control : by brushless motor 
  • Pouring cup filling control by vision system (PIC)
  • In-Stream ioculation (P7-05)
  • Power Supply: 3 x 400 V – 15 Kw
  • Pouring temperatura : 1350÷1450 °C
  • Weighing system on-board