Our alloys dosing system is used for dosing and dispensing treatment and cover material directly into the ladle used in sandwich or tundish treatment methods.

The station is usually installed near the melting shop as the treatment material must be deposited in the ladle before tapping.

The dosing operation is defined by the operating system according to the parameter settings laid down for each recipe.

Dosing will therefore be according to the recipe called up by the control system.  

The treatment alloys are charged into the empty ladle prior to tapping.
The types and quantity (recipe) of non-ferrous alloys added is calculated on the basis of target (prescribed) specification in consideration of basic analysis result from the melt furnace, temperature and weight of tapped iron.

Cover material (steel shavings, scrap or FeSi, depending on foundry particular practices) is placed on top of the non-ferrous alloys to form a temporary buffer time from when the metal charge starts to the point when the melt comes into contact with the treatment alloys, which contact initiates a violent chemical reaction

The basic components built into the alloys dosing system are:
The station:
A fixed support structure equipped with 2 silos (for FeSi material and cover steel respectively); weighing hopper with electric drive for movement between the silos; special material delivery outlet; monorail crane.
The control system:
The operating and control system is configured to customer requirement. The control can be regulated on operating and supervision levels.
Big Bag loader:
This optional supply is suitable for continuous production to ensure uninterrupted material supply to the dosing system. The structure is fitted with a monorail track and lifting hoist.