The Progelta CRS / CRD casting systems are designed to mechanize the classic pouring with ladle (Lip Pouring).
These casting systems are particularly advantageous for casting on horizontal lines and shell molding where the casting is discontinuous with low tonnage flows and / or sudden needs for metal analysis change.

Technology and Flexibility

The CRS / CRD casting trucks are characterized by a great flexibility of use that allows a fast analysis change, the possibility of returning the non-cast metal to the melting furnaces very quickly, having an analysis control aimed at the single ladle. They can be semi-automatic or fully automatic with PIC vision system able to automatically control the filling of the mould.

Main features
  • 3 movements: horizontal translation axis, orthogonal positioning axis, ladle rotation axis, vertical positioning axis (CRD version).
  • Robust and reliable mechanics.
  • Movements by brushless electric motors for fast and precise positioning.
  • The orthogonal and ascent/descent translation axes run on recycle ball guides.
  • Fewer components exposed to wear and tear.
  • Lid to limit exposure of the metal to oxygen and limit temperature loss
Automatic pouring

Each CRS / CARD truck can be equipped with different devices to make the casting process completely automatic:

  • PIC pouring control digital camera: to obtain a completely automatic mold filling system
  • Inoculant dosing device on flow: the P7-10s
  • On-board weighing
  • Pyrometer for measuring temperature
  • Automatic alignment on colander.
  • Ladle exchange station, to use two ladles (one in casting and one in tapping / treatment) therefore optimize the production