Originally designed to perform the pre-inoculation operation for grey iron, this equipment has been successfully placed and found to be ideal for other metallurgical applications, particularly useful in ductile iron production.


Equipment designed to inject granular FeSi or other additives into the liquid iron during the tapping operation or while transferring the liquid metal into the pouring system.

The equipment accurately and reliably dispenses the material to be injected from a distance of up to 40m, making it particularly adaptable to foundry conditions where space/access around the melting furnace or the pouring system is limited.

Dosage is controlled through the weighing system interfaced with the well-known Progelta control system. The user controls the automatic additive process through parameter settings and programmable material quantities.

Each operation, including alarms, is recorded in the database and forms part of the production record, useful for quality control and exportable production reports.

  • Material and equipment at a convenient site away from the production route
  • Reduced handling: Material taken directly from the big-bag (super sack)
  • Material is protected from contamination and oxidation
  • Reduce human error: Automatic, recorded and reliable operation
  • Injection (with pneumatic motor) is synchronised with the iron flow
  • User controlled: Programmable settings and quantities
  • High performance diagnostics tools; real-time feedback for fast reaction times
  • Full production records, traceable, exportable
Technical specification
Distance to discharge point
up to 40 meters
Maximum dosage per cycle
Usable grain size
0,8 – 6mm
Product types
FeSi, graphite, or other
Dosing accuracy
± 5%
Power supply
230/400Vac – 1KW mono phase
Air supply
6 bar
Air consumption
0,1 – 0,15 nm3/cycle

* material density of 1,8