Ladle useful capacities 1500-3000-5000 kg
Refractory thickness 200÷240 mm
Longitudinal translation Electrical motor (stroke upon requirement)
Orthogonal translation 1100 mm (different if required)
Automatic pouring control Brushless motor stopper rod (PSD) and pouring cup filling control by vision system (PIC)
Riempimento del bicchiere di colata controllato dal sistema di visione (PIC)
P7-05 In-stream inoculation installed on-board
Power supply 3 x 400 V – 15 Kw
Pouring temperature 1350÷1450 °C
Weighing system on-board


LS3 is an automatic pouring system specifically designed to simplify all your pouring requirement.

The system is basically a special thermally-efficient ladle equipped with automatic motor brushless stopper rod and a camera vision based pouring control.

The advanced systems provide high pouring performance need to increase your productivity and reduce operating costs.


    • Functionality and reliability
    • Quick and easy analysis chargement
    • Production and starting phases simplified
    • Low Mg fading
    • Low temperature loses
    • Quickly ladle charge
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Quickly stopper ROD substitution
    • Particular attention about safety solutions
    • On board P7-05 In-stream inoculation device
    • SCADA supervision PC control with SQL database
    • Low energy consumption




    • Reliable control Software
    • Personal computer with dedicated software which assures the complete pouring parameter setting
    • PIC system that uses a pouring camera driven by a high speed digital image processor
    • Historical production data stored in SQL database
    • P7-05 Automatic in-stream inoculation